Thursday, October 2, 2014

Scary Movie Month 2014, Day 2


First things first, why isn't People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" not a title that Clooney, McConaughey, Cruise, etc. have to try to wrestle away from Gerrit Graham every single year? He seems to be the clear choice.

Anyway, he's a blast here along with Mary Woronov as a couple stuck somewhere between 70s swingers and 80s yuppies. He buys a newfangled satellite TV which of course is a teleportation device for slimy, drippy, rubbery, spectacularly practical aliens.

This is something that could only have come from the 80s, a candy-colored, purposefully artificial slime factory that has the tone of a kid's movie despite being R rated (though it would easily be PG-13 today, except maybe for the cartoonishly pornographic artwork on the walls). It's all very silly, but it's also very fun, a total sugar rush that isn't like anything else out there.

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