Sunday, October 26, 2014

Scary Movie Month 2014, Day 26

The Entity

Director Sidney J. Furie, who gave us the godawful Superman IV: The Quest For Peace and the #HeavyAction classic The Taking of Beverly Hills dips his toes into the well-populated waters of supernatural horror and creates, well, a Sidney J. Furie movie. On that note, I owe Paul Verhoeven a letter of apology. I thought Hollow Man was the sleaziest possible take on The Invisible Man, but Furie has proven me very, very wrong.

Here Furie presents a supposedly true story. When the poster says "based on a true story" and the credits say "based on a novel by" it seems like a contradiction. Novels are fiction, and of course fiction can be based on truth but still...pick a lane, movie. Considering Barbara Hershey is raped by a ghost in the first five minutes, I'm gonna go ahead and consider this a work of fiction. Such is my bias when it comes to ghosts, rapey or otherwise. The ghost keeps raping her throughout the movie ad nauseum, including once in front of her children which is the most vile thing I've seen on screen all month (and I remind you I sat through ABCs of Death 2 this month).

In between all the ghost-raping there's Ron Silver and Alex Rocco taking this all too seriously. Maybe they think they're making The Exorcist, but they're not even making Exorcist II: The Heretic. Congratulations, Sidney. You managed to make a movie I like less than Superman IV.

Also, bonus points for having one of the worst scores I've ever heard, each "haunting" is accompanied by an electric pounding that sounds like a migraine set to music.

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